The luxury yachts - one of the main symbols of prosperity and liberty.

The basic structure of the company "Galeon" - sale of luxury yachts, boats, ships and charter boats. With our company you can buy a boat, to carry out its construction or take a boat to rent. Here you will find the current offers for the sale of yachts and commercial vessels: expedition yachts, motor yachts and boats, riba, passenger ships and patrol boats.

Motor boats are a good solution for people who prefer to holiday with all amenities. Typically, these yachts combine opportunities for entertainment and comfort of the internal layout. The main purpose of a pleasure yacht vacation. Motor boats have two-tier superstructure and an open upper deck, are spacious interior and equipped with all necessary life-support systems.

Our company is continuously engaged in the sale of megayachts. Megayachts and superyachts - vessels and comfortable for those who like to relax in comfort and luxury. With us you can always buy a megayacht business class.

If you're a big fan of romance with his childhood dream of traveling under sail motorboats, you will definitely suit sailing yachts. Compared with these wonderful motor yacht has several positive features - instead of the engine roar You'll enjoy the rustle of sails and a mysterious whisper of the sea, sailing yachts practically do not use fuel, and therefore do not require any extra costs.

Also, in addition to selling yachts has a range of services related to shipping, customs, registration, insurance, servicing and parking of yachts and boats. In the planning and construction of yachts we completely focus on individual needs and personal tastes of our customers.

With us you can not just buy a yacht, but to take it out. Always at your service charter and rent all types of yachts: Motor yachts, sailboats, yachts, mega yachts. Romantic adventure or business meeting, family vacation or a sports gambling - all made possible by charter yachts from "Galeon".